Paul Wilkinson

Vocals, guitar, songwriter.

Nicolaj Rosing

Bass, vocals.

Lisbeth Winding


Ivan Jørgensen


Jesper Nüchel

Guitar, vocals.

Michael Nordahl Suadicani


Paul Wilkinson & The Station

As we live our lives, the music plays. Whether they are lazy, sunshine days dreamt on a beach or the sometimes grey days of everyday life. the music keeps on playing.

Paul writes music that reflects the ups and downs of life, focusing on how we live, love, laugh and cry, and how we get through it. Songs such as ‘Fighting To Standstill’, ‘Jimmy’ and ‘Be My Wife’ tell stories of loss, love and inspiration. You could say they are a part of the soundtrack to your life.

The Station are the power behind Pauls songs. They bring them to life with a country rock vibe that perfectly compliments the British folk and Manchester attitude that Paul comes from.

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